01/14/09 How to determine a lock on an IFS object

Many times when enrolling an Integrated File Systems (IFS) object into journaling a message appears stating the attempt was unsuccessful. Typically this outcome occurs because of locks. Unfortunately, there is no WRKOBJLCK command for IFS so an API is needed to display all the jobs that have a lock on an IFS object.

Call the API program: CALL QP0FPTOS PARM(*LSTOBJREF '/ifspath/ifsfile' *FORMAT2)

You will need *SERVICE authority to call this API.

This API will output a detailed spooled file with all the jobs that have a lock(s) on that IFS object and the type of lock that exists.

Note: the third character (from the left) in the API object name is a ‘zero’ and the seventh character is an alpha letter ‘O’.

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Emile said...

Nice tip but: to call this program you must have *SERVICE special authority, or be authorized to the Service Dump function of i5/OS through iSeries Navigator's Application administration support. (otherwise it fails with CPFBC54)

Vision Solutions said...

Thank you for pointing out this oversight, Emile. The post has been ammended.

SteveB said...

I just tried this tip and it worked, but where would I see something having a lock on the IFS object?