6/08/09 Create a Virtual Printer

Use the following steps to create a virtual printer that will print directly from an output queue to a network deskjet or laser printer.

  1. Start System i Navigator on your PC (If you do not have System i Navigator on your PC then it is possible to complete this task using CRTDEVPRT from a 5250 session)
  2. Select Basic operations, Printers.
  3. Right click and select Add Printer.
  4. Use the wizard and accept defaults, enter the IP address of the printer, enter your own name for the printer (not OfficeJet…).
  5. When wizard complete no need to print a test page as this will not print correctly anyway.
  6. Go on to a 5250 session and enter GO PRINTER
  7. Take Option 4 on the PRINTER menu
  8. Take Option 8 against the Printer Description created in step 4. For more information about this on the internet, go to the IBM information center using this link http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/iseries/. Search for the command “CHGDEVPRT” and you will find a list of printer manufacturers and models, lookup the Manufacturer and Model of your printer in the list of information and make a note of the value for MFRTYPMDL (e.g. *HP520 is the HP Deskjet 520.
  9. Return to the 5250 session and take Option 2, scroll down and change the setting for MFRTYPMDL to the value appropriate to your printer (e.g. *HP520).

    You can now print directly to the Printer Description. You may need to first start the writer (GO PRINTER option 2 and option 1 against the appropriate printer).

Disclaimer: Vision Solutions makes every effort to provide accurate system management information and programming code; however the company cannot be held liable for the accuracy of information nor its compatibility in your own environment. Please review and test thoroughly before implementing. © Copyright 2009, Vision Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Vision Solutions develops and sells iSeries high availability and AIX replication and clustering solutions. IBM, System i, iSeries, and AS/400 are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. All other brands are property of their respective registered owners.


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