4/17/08 How to automate copy, cut, and paste functions using 5250 Client Access

To enable the CTL-X, CTL-C, and CTL-V keyboard shortcuts so that you can delete, copy, and/or paste, click on the “Remap Keyboard Functions” icon (it looks like a little keyboard):

  • Select the “Edit Cut” item in the Function pull down list.
  • Set the Ctrl-X key for this function.
  • Click the “File” menu item and save the keyboard map file.
  • Click the “File” menu item on the 5250 window and save the change to the emulator.
Repeat these same steps to set the Ctrl-C key to run the “Edit Copy” function and the Ctrl-V key to run the “Edit Paste” function.

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Captain Ron said...

I can;t get this to work. I know its simple but I must be doing something wrong. Can you send screen shots of this?

Kim said...

GREAT tip--thanks so much!