4/3/08 How to locate partition ID, OS release level, serial number, model number, and processor feature

Your software vendors may ask you to confirm your system information in order to create license codes or PTF (Program Temporary Fix) information. Much information can be gained from system values and data areas.

Partition ID: Outside of the Hardware Management Console (HMC), you can find the partition ID in the Display Service Registration Information option on the Electronic Service Agent menu. To get to this display, open the Electronic Service Agent menu by typing GO SERVICE on a command line.
Select option 6. The screen will display service registration information and the machine type, serial number, and the partition ID.

You can also use the following commands to access these individually.
- i5/OS (OS/400) Release: (DSPDTAARA QSS1MRI) Can also be seen with the DSPPTF command.
- Serial Number: (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR)
- Model Number: (DSPSYSVAL QMODEL)
- Processor Feature Code: (DSPSYSVAL QPRCFEAT)

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