7/14/08 How to fix a print job that hangs because record count is exceeded.

If a job that creates a spool file hangs up with the message, "Reached Maximum number of spooled records for file XXXXXX in library YYYYYY", the printer file has tried to generate spool file records that exceeds the number of records the print job specified. A finite limit to the number of records in a spool file is usually specified in order to control a runaway job from filling up disk space. To increase the number of records the spool file can hold, change MAXRCDS parameter in the CHGPRTF command within the program. Example


Caution: You can change the value of the MAXRCDS parm to *NOMAX, but keep in mind that this takes away the “governor.” If the program somehow gets into a "loop" while the spool file, it will create output until system storage is completely used up causing your system to shut down.

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