12/22/08 - How to find commands when you know the action/verb

How to find commands when you know the action/verb you want such as ‘Save’ or the subject you want such as ‘Tape Device’

From a command line, press F4 to get the Major Command Groups menu. From this menu select the type of commands you want to see (i.e., option 2 will show Verb Commands, option 3 will show Subject Commands). From this list scroll through until you find the verb or subject you need and select the option. Now choose the option number, or type in the command name itself, which is displayed on the right hand side of the screen. The command is now displayed with parameters that are required to be entered.

Additionally, you can type "GO CMDXXX" at a command line (where XXX is replaced with SAV, WRK, DSP, TAP, LIN, etc.) to see all commands within groups.

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John said...

Go CMDXXX, where xxx is SAV, WRK, DSP, TAP, LIN, etc.

Vision Solutions said...

John: Thank you for this addendum.

Captain Ron said...

If you know part of the name you could type "go sav*". I like to use b/c its quicker.