12/3/08 How to see space location locks

Using option 12 of the DSPJOB command may not show an abnormal number of locks, (i.e. it might just show a few object-level locks being held by the job), but if you are having locking issues there may be many “space location” locks that you don’t see. A space location lock is a symbolic locking protocol.

Unfortunately, there is no way to see space location lock information from a 5250 green screen; however, there is a way to view this with iSeries Navigator. Using “My Connections” in Navigator:
1. Expand the system you are interested in
2. Go to: Work Management > Active Jobs
3. Right-click on the job in question
4. Go to: Details > Locked Objects
5. At the top of this screen, go to: View > Customize this View > Include
6. Select the box to include space location locks

This view will show all locks—object level locks and/or space location locks. To show details about an individual lock, simply right-click on the lock of interest and select Properties. That display will show you more detailed information (such as how many locks this job holds on that object). Additionally, the ‘Details’ tab shows the module, library, program and instruction that was executed to gain that lock.

To learn more about space location locks, go to: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v5r4/index.jsp?topic=/rzahw/rzahwsllco.htm

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