9/16/09 How to obtain further message logging for interactive or submitted jobs

To change the message logging level, and thus gather more logging information on any job, you need to access and change the job parameters per one of the following:

- To change your own interactive job, enter the CHGJOB command, then press F4.

- To change another interactive job: Locate the job using WRKACTJOB SBS(subsystem), use OPTION 2 next to the job, press F4.

- To change a submitted job: Put the JOBQ on HLD status temporarily (WRKJOBQ jobqname, OPTION 3 to HOLD), submit the job, use WRKJOBQ OPTION 5 to “Work With JOBQ,” and use OPTION 2, press F4.

*CAUTION* Holding the JOBQ will hold all jobs being submitted into that JOBQ for the duration that the JOBQ is actually on hold. Once the message level is changed, it is critical to release the JOBQ.)

Once the interactive or batch job is identified, and the OPTION 2 “Change,” menu has been entered, do the following:

1) Press F10 for further detail.

2) Modify the parameters as follows: Message Logging: Level 4, Severity 00, Text *SECLVL, Log CL Program Commands *YES, press enter.

3) Release the JOBQ. (WRKJOBQ jobqname, OPTION 6 “Release”

*Note* The message level will only remain for the job it was changed for, and would need to be repeated anytime it is needed unless further measures are taken to change the Job Description, in which doing so affects all jobs that utilize that Job Description.

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