10/2/09 How to rapidly set up a network printer using IBM Personal Communications.

1. Start the configuration of a new 5250 session. The System name should be the name of your system (or IP address) that you want this printer to be available to.

2. Specify a workstation ID as the name of the printer. (This will also be the OUTQ name on the iSeries.)

3. Select the “Type of Emulation,” to be “Printer”

4. Accept remainder of defaults and press “OK”. Your session should display a window to say “Ready,” and “Online.”

The printer session will print to the default windows computer associated with the computer that the printer was configured from. To change this printer, simply open up the 5250 printer session, from the “File” menu, select “Printer Setup,” and select a different printer.

To print to this printer from the iSeries, do the following:

1. Locate the spool file on the iSeries that you wish to print.

2. Use option 2 “Change” to modify the field “Printer” and key in the exact name of the printer.

3. To find the status of this spooled file, go to WRKOUTQ and replace XYZ with the name of your printer.

Note: The 5250 printer session must be active (emulator status of “Online,” and “Ready) in order for the printer to be used from the iSeries.

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