5/21/08 Creating symbolic links on the IFS

Anybody familiar with UNIX or Linux operating systems is aware of the usefulness of symbolic links to folders and files. This basically involves creating a link to a file in another location from the original, allowing people to access or edit the original file from another location.

On the System i this can be done by prompting the ADDLNK command. Enter the full IFS path of the object you want to link to in the Object field and the full IFS path of the link you would like to create for it.

Use link type *SYMBOLIC if you need to link to an object on another file system or if you would like the link to remain regardless of whether the object you are linking to still exists, use link type *HARD if you would like to make sure links are only maintained whilst the object exists (if you choose to delete the object at a later date you would need to remove its *HARD links first).

**Editor's note: This post was updated on 07/21/08 to correct an inaccuracy pointed out in the comments posted by a reader.

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