5/28/08 How to find journal receivers taking the most disk space

Use the following command for an easy way to see the journal receivers that are taking up a lot of disk space on your system:



Display Object Description - Basic
Library 3 of 87
Library . . . . . . : AUDRCV Library ASP device . : *SYSBAS

Type options, press Enter.
5=Display full attributes 8=Display service attributes

Opt Object Type Size Text
_ AUDRCV1270 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1271 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1272 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1273 *JRNRCV 516202496 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1274 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1275 *JRNRCV 514105344 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1276 *JRNRCV 516202496 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1277 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1278 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1279 *JRNRCV 515153920 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1280 *JRNRCV 516202496 Qaudjrn receiver
_ AUDRCV1281 *JRNRCV 514105344 Qaudjrn receiver

The size of the receivers in the above example are .5 GB or larger. Press the Enter key to move from library to library, viewing the size of each receiver, look for receivers with a size of 10 positions which would indicate a receiver with the size of 1 GB or larger.

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