5/5/08 Copy contents of spool file to a flat file

Step 1:
Create a flat file that has a record length of 132 (most spool files have a width of 132).


Step 2: Copy the spool file to the newly created flat file.


Step 3: Copy the file to the IFS.

CPYTOSTMF FROMMBR('/qsys.lib/library.lib/flatfile.file/flatfile.mbr') TOSTMF('/somewhereintheifs/spoolfile.txt')

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PeteM said...

Why would you use 132 and not 133 when the spool file is 132. If you use 133 then you keep all the control characters so not to loose the line and form spacing (forms control).


Vision Solutions said...

Thanks for your question. The Vision technician who contributed this tip will be contacted for his response and the answer will be posted here shortly.

Vision Solutions said...

The intention of this tip was to provide a quick way to get the data from the spool file into a spreadsheet or something similar. It is worth keeping in mind that on some systems, even easier options (like drag and drop via OpsNav) are available to do the same thing.

Apologies for the delay in posting a response to this question.

Anonymous said...

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